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Potato starch "Aliviko" 200gr * 12
  • Potato starch "Aliviko" 200gr * 12

Potato starch "Aliviko" 200gr * 12

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Potato starch "Aliviko" 200gr * 12 wholesale from the manufacturer for export.



Most of the starch is carbohydrates, there is little protein and no fat at all. But it is based on elements such as phosphorus, P vitamins, calcium and dietary fiber. Potassium, which is abundantly saturated with potato starch, is essential for the activity of the heart system, improves the quality of the kidneys, helps to remove excess fluid from the body, and relieves edema. And even if this product cannot boast of an abundant content of vitamins and minerals, it still has many beneficial properties. Thus, starch is an important element in the formation of organic acids. Potato starch speeds up metabolism, serves as the main source of energy, and has a beneficial effect on the digestive process. In addition, the product lowers cholesterol levels, helps to reduce arterial, has a positive effect on the liver. Starch increases the general immunity and protective properties of the body, helps it to fight various infections, inflammations, etc. , and also participates in the creation of muscle fibers.
Here you can buy Aliviko potato starch 200gr * 12 wholesale from the manufacturer for export.
The price is not final, everything is negotiated individually, depending on the volume of the purchase.
Weight: 200 g
Information is up-to-date: 18.03.2021

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